zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

We are nominated for a Liebster award!

We have been nominated for an award by Polly Kirkwood from the blog Polly Wally (super cool blog!).
Thanks Polly for nominating us!!!!!

What is a Liebster award?
Well, that is an award created by and for bloggers,
 if you'get an award you must answering 11 questions ,when you have done this you must create 11 other questions and you nominate 5-11 bloggers under 200 followers

Here are our answers on the questions from Polly:

R: answer Ranir     K: answer Klaartje

- If you were an animal what would you be?

R: a horse, gallop in a pasture with the wind in my hair  
K: a cat but with a good home

- If you could have a tree in your garden which could grow whatever you wanted, what would that be?

R: chocolate, it's delicious!  
K: oreos!!! :p

- What can't you leave the house without?

R: gsm :)
K: my bag with al my stuff

- Dream career?

R: hairdresser 
K: designer

- Favourite blogger and you tuber?

R: blog: me you and Haley Laure  Youtuber: my life as eva
K: blog: a beautiful mess  Youtuber: my life as eva

- OTP?

R and K: What is OTP?

- How tall are you?

R: 1.85m  
K: 1.70m

 Favourite television show?

R: pretty little liars :) 
K: pretty little liars!

- If you had to dye your hair a different colour and the world had run out of brown, blond and black dye, what colour would it be?

R: dark red like Ariana Grande
K: dark blue

- What is the product which you would least recommend?

R: a scrub from rituals
K: tonic aqua effect from Nivea, it's good for cleaning my skin

- Any fears? 

K: volcanoes (is it weird that I am afraid from volcanoes?) and snakes

Ok that were our answers!

Our nominations

The rules
Link back to the person who tagged you in your post
Answer every question
Tag 5-11 other bloggers
Create 11 questions for them to answer.

Our questions

  1. favorite food?
  2. If you wish 1 thing what would it be?
  3. What is your favorite app?
  4. What do you hate? 
  5. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
  6. What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done?
  7. What is your style?
  8. Your beauty must have
  9. If you knew that the Earth would fare next year, what would you do differently now?
  10. Your hair in rainbow colors or in the colors of your country?
  11. Your hobby's?
Thank you Polly Kirkwood to nominate us!
You are the best!

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  1. Aha! Thanks for answering! OTP means one true pairing (Meaning your favorite combination of characters in a fandom)


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